I have been teaching in higher education since 2011 and have experience teaching across a range of faculties and institutions in Sydney and Wellington, New Zealand. I teach into design, media and communications and digital cultures.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Social media theory and practice
  • Design Studies, including critical theory and practice
  • Digital media design and digital experience design
  • Design innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Internet governance
  • Research methods

Syllabus Development

2019, Interdisciplinary Lab B: Social Media Cultures (Design Studies program, UTS)

2018, Design History and Theory 1 (Design program, Art & Design UNSW)

2018, Designing the Future of Work (Coursera, Art & Design UNSW)

Teaching Experience

University of Sydney
Social Media Communication (postgraduate)
Internet Governance (postgraduate)
Online Media
Digital Media Communications Landscapes
Digital Influence through Social Media

University of Technology Sydney        
Digital Futures (subject coordinator) (undergraduate capstone)
Digital Marketing: Media, Metrics and Data
Digital Communities
Digital Experience Design
Lab B: Social Media Cultures (subject coordinator)

University of Sydney
Online Media
Digital Influence through Social Media

University of Technology Sydney
Digital Futures (undergraduate capstone)

Research Foundations (postgraduate)
Design History Theory (postgraduate)
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity (postgraduate)

UTS:Insearch (foundation studies)
Researching Design History
Design Inquiry
Design Projects

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